Reason Tee is a small family owned and operated business. Our workshop is located in California. We pride ourselves on being America Strong. Please see the following processes and procedures we are implementing to keep ourselves, community, and customers healthy and safe. We are in this together.

As a family business that supports immediate family members that are immune-compromised, the safety for our community is our priority in our personal and professional lives. We have adopted a "People Over Profit" policy.

  1. Reason Tee is following all CDC and State recommendations.
  2. Our workshop is closed to the public. We are only allowing scheduled curbside pickup for local customers.
    1. Scheduled pickup only.
    2. Customers may not enter our workshop, curbside pickup only.
    3. Customers must wear face masks and observe social distancing.
    4. Packages are "handed off". No close contact.
  3. We order supplies only from vendor and manufacturer warehouse locations that have not been impacted by covid-19.
  4. All supplies are quarantined for 3 - 5 days before entering our workshop.
  5. We have an immediate family member with a preexisting serious auto-immune disease. Per doctor's recommendations and to protect those that we care for, our household has been self quarantining since late February.
  6. We will not be attending any markets or fairs for 2020.
    1. In effort to help those most in need, we donated our current "printed" inventory of approximately 400 new t-shirts intended for markets / fairs to the Sacramento Loaves & Fishes. Sacramento Loaves & Fishes is "feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless". Their goal is to "Provide food, warmth, and a path home for homeless men, women, and children". You can visit their website at

Thank you to all our customers. We are in this together. Be safe.


The Reason Family